SKYE tankless electric water heaters, endless & instant™

Why go tankless?

  • Never Run out of hot water again
  • Compact design installs almost anywhere
  • Save Water & Energy, Heat it when you need it™

FORTIS 120™ Hot Water, Endlessly!™

  • Save Energy because you only heat water when you need it.
  • Closet space, reclaimed with SKYE’s compact and powerful FORTIS 120™ tankless hot water heater.
  • Save thousand of gallons of water per year when installed close to a fixture.
  • Green Plumbers U.S.A.® preferred method
  • NAHB® Model Green Building Guidelines
  • USGBC LEED®-NC & LEED® for Homes Programs
  • Department of Energy, Building America Program, “Research towards Zero Energy homes”
  • Eligible for regional green building programs
  • Solar compatible
  • Water & Energy efficiency leader
  • Among industry best Energy Factor (EF)
  • Can be Renewable Energy powered
  • No venting or gas line required

Hot Water, Instantly!™, Paradigm™ & Heatwave™ point of use electric hot water heaters.

When you install a tankless point of use hot water heater close to your fixture or under your sink, hot water only travels a short distance to reach your faucet. You save our most precious resources, energy & water. Introducing SKYE’s tankless point of use hot water heaters; Heatwave™ & Paradigm™, two different point of use heaters for different point of use applications!

Paradigm™ Changes the way the world heats water with a revolutionary heating system. Paradigm™ can be put inline with any hot water heater. Paradigm detects the incoming water temperature, so once the hot water arrives from a main source, tank or tankless, Paradigm’s Intelliboost™ turns down the power saving energy. All these features & Paradigm easily fits under a sink.

Heatwave™ – Ideally suited for commercial applications where hot water is needed under a fixture or close to a shower. Heatwave™ is the clear choice for hot water™ small & powerful providing enough hot water to keep your sink or shower nice & steamy.

Here’s some of what the Federal Energy Management Program is saying about tankless electric hot water heaters*

“..Installing a tankless…electric water heater can result in substantial savings. These products heat water as it is needed and, due to their compact size, are typically located near the point of use. Absence of a storage tank and shorter distribution lines greatly reduce standby losses and increase efficiency.”

*Source U.S. Department of Energy

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